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Project Stim Caps from Efectiv is a simple mix of caffeine anhydrous and Infinergy

Efectiv Nutrition Project Stim Caps

Project Stim Caps is the latest supplement from the UK-based Efectiv Nutrition, although compared to what we typically see from the brand, this is incredibly straightforward. The product is following the launch of the unique three-in-one Variety Pack flavor of Efectiv Whey, the Senactiv-infused and enhanced Performance Creatine, and the premium hydration-supporting Performance Hydration.

Efectiv Nutrition’s Project Stim Caps is simple, featuring just two ingredients, both of which are stimulants to increase and elevate energy. Every capsule of the supplement has 200mg of caffeine from caffeine anhydrous and Infinergy di-caffeine malate. Stim Caps is basically caffeine capsules for use alone or in combination with something else to add the energizing effect of caffeine to the experience.

Not surprisingly, the price of a bottle of Project Stim Caps directly from Efectiv Nutrition’s online store is not that high at £9.99 (11.49 USD). A full-size bottle of the product has 60 capsules, giving you a good amount of servings and room to have more than a single capsule to really lift your energy or power up your pre-workout.