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Week-old RPM pre-workout drops to under $30 for EVL’s Black Friday sale

Evl Rpm Black Friday Sale

EVL recently released a new stimulant pre-workout by the name of RPM, seemingly focused more on the energy and focus portion of the experience, and without creatine and beta-alanine. RPM is the first supplement of this kind from the brand — a stimulant pre-workout — outside of ENGN, which has been a part of EVL ever since it came to market several years ago.

For Black Friday, EVL is running a strong sale through its online store at, where absolutely everything listed is a strong 30% off. The brand already has competitive prices on its website, so that amount of discount makes everything even more worthwhile. It drops large 5lb tubs of the blend-style protein powder Stacked Protein from $79.99 down to an unmissable $55.99.

EVL’s Black Friday sale through its online store does also apply to its recently released stimulant pre-workout RPM, making today the perfect time to get in, grab a tub, and take it for a spin. Similar to the brand’s original competitor ENGN, RPM regularly has a cost-effective price of $39.99, and during Black Friday, it comes down to $27.99 for a tub of 30 full-size servings.

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