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Blackout is back for another Black Friday at Proteinbolaget and GAAM Nutrition

Gaam Nutrition Return Of Blackout

House brand GAAM Nutrition from the Swedish sports nutrition retailer Proteinbolaget, celebrated the annual Black Friday in style in 2021, similar to what it did the year prior but with a little something extra. In 2020 GAAM Nutrition released a special edition Black Friday flavor named Blackout for its pre-workout PWR, then last year, Blackout returned for another Black Friday promotion, but this time for PWR and BCAA.

Proteinbolaget and GAAM Nutrition have resurrected the seemingly annual Blackout for the same two supplements as in 2021; the stimulant-powered pre-workout PWR and the BCAA-based amino cocktail BCAA. For those that don’t remember the launch, Blackout does have a rather mysterious name, although the brand doesn’t hide the actual taste, confirming it is a rather intriguing cactus and lime flavor experience.

For Black Friday, the retailer Proteinbolaget has up to 64% off in its entire online store, including a strong 26% discount on GAAM Nutrition’s PWR pre-workout and a much higher 40% off the amion GAAM BCAA. If you specifically want to grab the house brand’s limited-time, Black Friday edition Blackout flavors of PWR and BCAA, there is a bundle with the two together that saves you even more at a combined 299 (28.01 USD).