Blackout is back for another Black Friday although this time for two GAAM products

Gaam Nutrition Blackout Returns

We have already posted twice this week about new products from Proteinbolaget’s house brand GAAM Nutrition with a Golden Apple GAAM Energy and Hazelnut & Nougat GAAM Protein Bar. There are actually two others, one of which the Swedish brand released for Black Friday last year, and the other is an extension of that across into a separate supplement.

Fans of GAAM Nutrition may remember for Black Friday in 2021 the brand launched a limited-edition sour apple flavor of its flagship pre-workout PWR called Blackout, fitting for the time of year. Not only is GAAM’s Blackout flavor of PWR back this week for another Black Friday celebration, but it has returned alongside a Blackout flavor for the brand’s BCAA-based amino.

To mix things up, while GAAM Nutrition has continued the name “Blackout”, the actual taste for GAAM BCAA and PWR is not the same, as this year, Blackout is a cactus lime concoction. You can grab the two special edition Black Friday products from Proteinbolaget’s online store separately or together in a twin-pack, although both ways work out to the same price.