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Glaxon further refines its stress support supplement Serenity

Glaxon Serenity V3

Another critical feature of Glaxon, outside of its ability to enter specialized categories with well-crafted and effective formulas, is its constant effort to upgrade and improve supplements. We saw this with the sports nutrition brand’s massive season two overhaul, where it reformulated and re-released several products, including its stress support supplement Serenity, which has just received another update.

The aim of Glaxon’s Serenity is, as mentioned, to support and improve mental and physical stress, which can, in turn, have an effect on many other areas of health and wellness, such as weight management and recovery. That specialized goal is still the focus of the refreshed Serenity, referred to as Serenity V3; the difference is the changing of some dosages and the addition of some ingredients.

Many of the components from Glaxon’s previous Serenity have been carried over for the third iteration, including Japanese pagoda tree at the same 200mg, premium Shoden ashwagandha at 120mg, 100mg of theanine, and 75mg of the Lipidox blend for better absorption.

Glaxon Serenity V3 Label

The changes from Glaxon’s Serenity V2 to V3 are less phosphatidylserine, from 450 down to 200mg of the source sunflower lecithin, added Kyowa quality hops at 150mg a serving, and another addition in 5mg of sceletium tortuosum or better known as Kanna. The brand has basically decreased a few dosages and added ingredients, all in the name of providing better results in the area of decreased physical and mental stress.

You can purchase the refreshed Serenity straight from Glaxon’s online store, and unlike the first and second versions of the specialty supplement, you get 30 servings a bottle to supply you for a typical month, not 21. The price of the product is $44.99, although, during the brand’s Black Friday promotion, where everything is 25% off, that automatically comes down to a much nicer $33.74.