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Go Fitness drops another all-new product for the year in Protein Cookies

Go Fitness Protein Cookies

Go Fitness in Europe has been blowing up these last few months, not resting and relying on its hit protein snack, the Protein Waffle, and expanding into a truly extensive functional food company. It recently released the intriguing, cheese-filled Protein Pillows, the high-protein and low-sugar ONO Bar, more flavors of its original chocolate-covered protein waffle, and now the completely new Protein Cookies.

Protein Cookies from Go Fitness is, of course, a cookie packed full of protein and measuring in at what the brand describes as the “perfect snack size” of 50g a piece. You get a total of 12g of protein per cookie alongside 20g of carbohydrates, a low 2.7g of that sugar, 13g of fat, and 225 calories. Those macros are the same for both of the product’s flavors which are Peanut and a classic Double Chocolate.

The build of Go Fitness’ Protein Cookies looks fairly typical with a cookie-like consistency, although tucked in the center to really make for a memorable experience, is a creamy filling, peanut-flavored for the Peanut option, and chocolate for Double Chocolate. The promising product is out now in Europe and making its way into all of the brand’s stores and stockists, including over at

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