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Stimulant-free trend continues at JNX with a pump-powering version of The Curse

Jnx Sports The Curse Non Stim

The very recent spin-off of its weight loss supplement, The Omen, isn’t the only stimulant-free product the mainstream sports nutrition brand JNX Sports has put together. Following that reveal from within the past couple of months, the busy brand has announced a similar sort of alternative supplement, but this one is a spin-off of its original hit, the stimulant pre-workout The Curse.

JNX Sports has not revealed any part of the formula behind its stimulantless version of The Curse pre-workout, although it has shared some of the features and highlights that’ll be present in the product. As per the name, the pre-workout won’t have stimulants of any kind for increased energy, and on its label it says “non-stim pumps”, suggesting it isn’t just The Curse without stimulants.

The upcoming The Curse Non-Stim is said to be designed to improve muscle pumps, strength, and performance, so more of a comprehensive stimulant-free pre-workout, but again, without any stimulants to elevate energy or focus. More details on the supplement should be along soon, and by the sounds of things, fans will be able to stack it with The Curse for an even better workout.