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JUICD surprises in its hydration supplement and includes performance-supporting Senactiv

Juicd Hydration Details

Right on time, as promised, Australian gaming company JUICD Energy has launched its hydration product JUICD Hydration, the first supplement outside of its self-titled original built for energy and focus. JUICD Hydration is a dedicated hydration-supporting product, and it follows on from the many other gaming brands that have entered the space, such as G Fuel, LevlUp, and ADVANCEDgg.

JUICD Energy’s second supplement, JUICD Hydration, brings together a blend of electrolytes to support the title benefit of hydration, although that’s not where it ends. The growing brand has also included a light dose of tyrosine at 250mg to help with focus and cognition, and something we didn’t expect in a full 50mg dose of the premium and proven performance-enhancing Senactiv.

The added tyrosine and Senactiv are a nice surprise in JUICD Hydration, showing that while JUICD Energy did get into a trending category within gaming in this one, it still brought its own unique twist to support more than just hydration. The product is available for purchase starting this week through the brand’s website and at a fairly reasonable $32 for a tub of 30 servings in three flavors.