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Franky’s Bakery revamps and relaunches its popular low-calorie sauce

Improved Frankys Sauce

The functional company, Franky’s Bakery, is known throughout Europe for its extensive selection of convenient and better-for-you products, including concentrated flavoring powder and its signature Candy Splash flavor drops. Another one of Franky’s Bakery’s more popular items is its zero-fat, almost no sugar, and low-calorie sauce, available in classic sauce flavors such as BBQ, Burger Sauce, and Sweet Chilli.

Franky’s Bakery has now taken that product, simply referred to as Franky’s Sauce, and relaunched it with a new and improved recipe. The functional condiment has returned in seven flavors: BBQ, Ketchup, Yellow Curry, Teriyaki, Sweet Chilli, Curry Ketchup, and Yonnaise. Like the previous version, they all have no fat, a low amount of sugar at under a gram in a 30ml serving, and equally impressive calories.

Another change in Franky’s Bakery’s re-released Franky’s Sauce outside of the promise of a better taste experience is it now comes in a slim and tall bottle, as opposed to the thin and wide original. Reliable German retailer Gigas Nutrition is one of the first to stock the revamped family of Franky’s Sauce, where a 375ml bottle will cost you €4.49 (4.61 USD).