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Crispier protein bar comes to Glanbia-owned functional giant Nutramino

Nutramino Crispy Protein Bar

Sports nutrition giant Nutramino is known for its more on-the-go, functional items like the straightforwardly named Protein Bar, Protein Milkshake, crispy Protein Wafer, and high-calorie XL Protein Shake. There is now another bar-format snack rolling out into the market from Nutramino in the Crispy Protein Bar, which clearly confirms its point of difference in its title.

The Nutramino Crispy Protein Bar comes with the much more traditional build of a dense and doughy main body, a gooey or creamy layer along the top, covered in crispy pieces, and coated in delicious chocolate. It’s essentially the brand’s crispier protein bar offering, and still high in protein with at 18g a piece, 20g of carbohydrates, 10g of fat, and a touch over 220 calories.

Nutramino appears to have kept the flavors on point for its Crispy Protein Bar, putting together two tasty options in Chocolate and Berries, one of our favorite functional food combinations, and the sweet and salty, Chocolate and Sea Salt. The brand has already started rolling out the product to stores in Europe, and it is being sold individually and in your typical box of 12.

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