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OWN introduces another mouthwatering EPG-based treat in the Wondersquare

Own Wondersquare

Functional food creator OWN, gained a lot of notoriety from its incredibly unique and unbelievably delicious, lower-calorie Wonderspread, made using the alternative fat replacer EPG. Everything about that original product is on point; with its impressively sweet taste and smoother-than-peanut butter consistency, it fits right in with our description of the evolution of peanut butter.

OWN took that concept a little further over the weekend and launched its all-new and undoubtedly enjoyable Wondersquare, also made using the fat replacer EPG as well as allulose and whey. The Wondersquare is a square peanut butter cup cake featuring a thick base layer of peanut butter and protein, then on top is a fair amount of chocolate made with premium Callebaut branded cocoa.

Much like OWN’s Wonderspread, Wondersquare packs a good amount of protein, and thanks to its inclusion of EPG and allulose, it keeps the sugar, fat, and calories low. In every 42g square of the functional brand’s latest creation is 10g of protein, under a single gram of net carbohydrates, 6g of fat, and an on pint 100 calories, which is an incredible nutrition profile for a product of that size.

We have tried OWN’s Wonderspread firsthand, and as mentioned earlier, we have to imagine the Wondersquare is going to be every bit as good, especially since, in pictures, it looks the part. The only downside is the brand launched the almost guilt-free edible item over the weekend on Sunday at precisely 7PM Eastern Time, and if you weren’t there when it went live, you would have likely missed out.

OWN quickly sold out of its Wondersquare, although the ordering process isn’t anything typical, and fans interested in trying the product will be able to attempt to purchase shortly, and like last time, they’ll need to be quick. Ordering of the Wondersquare is apparently going online every Sunday at the same time at $30 for a box of 12, so basically, if you miss out, you’ll get another opportunity a week later.