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Pandy tries something different in its Raw Bar made with only real food ingredients

Pandy Raw Bar

An all-new functional food has rolled out to stores and stockists in Pandy’s home country of Sweden, and it is something quite different from the usual treats and candy-type products we typically see from it. The Pandy Raw Bar is the company’s latest innovation, and it gets its name from the fact that it is made with real and raw, wholefood ingredients.

Pandy uses only a handful of ingredients in its Raw Bar, which does change slightly across its two flavors, in Apple Pie and Brownie. The main components rolled together for the Pandy Raw Bar are dates, almonds, hazelnuts, blueberries, and sunflower seeds. You then have the flavor-specific ingredients with apple and cinnamon in Apple Pie, and for Brownie, there is cocoa powder and cocoa nibs.

The nutrition profile of the Pandy Raw Bar is similar to other wholefood-based products on the market, where it’s not as high in protein as your typical functional bar, more of a nutritious, real food snack. The small 35g size of the Raw Bar keeps its numbers minimal with a low 2.7g or less of protein, 22 to 24g of carbohydrates, no added sugar, under 4g of fat, and calories of 124 in Apple Pie and 116 in Brownie.

The Raw Bar is an interesting effort from Pandy, mostly due to how different it is from all of its other products, which offer that more treat, candy-like experience but with less sugar and lower calories. The Pandy Raw Bar is something separate, a bar that’s all about offering a clean and nutritious product to have on-the-go.

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