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Grape looking likely for the next flavor of the tasty Lost and Found energy drink

Grape Lost And Found Energy Drink

The Lost and Found beverage from the same people behind the reputable brand Primeval Labs, is one of the most impressive energy drinks we’ve seen in some time. The brand combines an incredibly on-point sweetness in all of its flavors, all while packing 150mg of caffeine for energy and a clean nutrition profile of 4g of carbohydrates, no sugar, and a light ten calories.

The premier energy drink from Lost and Found debuted in three flavors with Cherry Lemonade, Glacier Burst, and Blue Rush, then shortly after that launch, the brand dropped another option in a citrusy Orange Splash. Lost and Found has begun teasing another addition to the menu of its beverage, which has not been completely confirmed but has a small but clue-filled teaser.

You can see the graphic used to build some excitement for the fifth flavor of the Lost and Found energy drink above, featuring a relatively clear shade of purple, leading us to believe we’re about to get a grape flavor of the beverage. The brand has only done fruit-type tastes for its well-put-together product, and with that in mind, plus the purple color, grape is the best guess.

We’ll be sure to share more details on the next addition to the menu of the Lost and Found energy drink, although the newcomer has set a date of December 18th, suggesting we’ll be able to get our hands on the potential grape experience on that day and it is also said to be exclusive to The Vitamin Shoppe.