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Newcomer Project #1 reveals two completely new supplements that are on their way

Project One Protein Powder And Aminoev

Project #1 Nutrition is one of the three nominees for our Newcomer Of The Year award for 2022, alongside Frank McGrath’s Wrath Performance and the powerhouse pre-workout specialist Ekkovision. Project #1 is from the Axe and Sledge co-founder and ex-formulator Patrick Williams, and it burst onto the scene a few months ago with four supplements, all for popular sports nutrition categories.

The four products making up the Project #1 Nutrition lineup are the stimulant-powered pre-workout Quantum-X, the stackable stimulant-free pre-workout AMP-NOX, the fat burner Embrax, and standalone creatine. Only months after the newcomer made its debut, Project #1 has announced some hype and excitement planned for the near future with two more key category supplements.

Project #1 Nutrition has unveiled the blend-style protein powder Whey Protein combining whey isolate and concentrate for 25g of protein per serving plus DigeSEB enzymes for better digestion. The other upcoming product from the young brand is AminoEV, an amino cocktail with 7g of all nine EAAs to support muscle recovery and some electrolytes to improve hydration and performance.

There is no exact or rough timeframe set for the launch of Project #1 Nutrition’s Whey Protein and AminoEV, just that they’re coming soon with two flavors each; Swiss Chocolate and Vanilla Cake Batter Whey Protein, and Rocket Pop and Cherry Ice AminoEV.