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Purus Labs begins counting down to the launch of its promising Protein Crispy Treat

Purus Labs Protein Crispy Treat

The time is almost here when legacy sports nutrition brand Purus Labs, known for its effective pump capsule supplement Noxygen, is going to launch its long-awaited functional debut, the Protein Crispy Treat. The brand previewed the product a couple of months ago, and it gained a lot of attention as videos genuinely make it look incredibly enjoyable and impressively smooth.

Purus Labs Protein Crispy Treat is going to be true to its name and feature a Rice Krispie Treat style build with a bar of soft and crispy pieces, filled with things like marshmallows and chocolate chips, depending on the flavor. The brand has started a timer on its website where it is counting down to the arrival of Protein Crispy Treat, and it looks to be going live on Monday the 14th.

In addition to the countdown for the launch of Protein Crispy Treat, Purus Labs has shared a few images of the product itself, confirming some details we didn’t have before. We now know the protein-packed snack will have 15 to 18g of protein, a solid amount considering its 50g size. It is also dropping in three tasty flavors, with Marshmallow, S’mores, and Cinnamon Cookie Crunch.

Purus Labs Protein Crispy Treat does indeed look promising, and if it can deliver the seamless tear-apart consistency it appears to have in images and videos, it could be the softness Rice Krispie style product out there. When the product officially launches in about ten days, we’ll share the rest of its information, including its other macros and the price of a full-size multi-bar box.