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Purus looks to have nailed the consistency in its upcoming Protein Crispy Treat

Purus Labs Protein Crispy Treat

Purus Labs already had a first for its brand earlier this year with the launch of its ready-to-drink pre-workout, the Noxygen Pre-Workout RTD, and it features a reasonably robust formula. Squeezed into every bottle of the product is 6g of pure citrulline to power pumps, 2.5g of betaine, 3.2g of beta-alanine, 1.5g of glycerine, a gram of taurine, and of course, the classic stimulant caffeine, at 200mg.

The latest news from Purus Labs is that it is now getting ready to release its first-ever functional food, introducing the Protein Crispy Treat. The product is what we call a Rice Krispie-style snack, featuring a crispy and crunchy cereal build similar to a Rice Krispie treat. This isn’t a format we haven’t seen before; in fact, it’s in the same sort of area as Arms Race Nutrition’s recent Foundation Bar.

Purus Labs Protein Crispy Treat 1

The interesting thing with Purus Labs Protein Crispy Treat is that looking at videos of the product, it appears to have an extremely soft and smooth texture. That has never been the case with any of the Rice Krispie-style protein bars we’ve had; even some of the best tasting ones have a bit of tough density to them, with the likes of the original Ooh Snap Bar and BSN’s delicious Protein Crisp.

Purus Labs really looks to have replicated the texture of an actual Rice Krispie Treat, which should make for an enjoyable and truly unique experience if that’s what the upcoming Protein Crispy Treat is like. We’ll share more details when we get our hands on it, but definitely keep your eyes locked on here at Stack3d if you’re a fan of the brand or new and interesting functional foods.

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