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Olympia weekend headed back to Orlando for the first week of November in 2023

2023 Olympia Weekend in Orlando

Following the completion of the 2022 Olympia competition and expo this past weekend, taking place in Las Vegas for the first time since 2019, the organizers of the prestigious event have announced where it’ll be held next year. The return to Las Vegas was a major move for the Olympia, as that was the home of the annual bodybuilding contest for 20 straight years, from 1999 through to, as mentioned, 2019.

For those looking to get ahead of their 2023 scheduling regarding when and where the Olympia competition and expo will go down, it actually won’t be back in Las Vegas. In those middle years between 2019 and 2022, the Olympia was held in Orlando, Florida, at the Orlando Convention Center, and as it so happens, the city of Orlando is going to once again play host to the event for its 59th edition in 2023.

The Olympia organizers have not set any exact dates for when next year’s action is all happening, only saying the first week of November, which, based on the event’s usual structure, would put it between Thursday the 2nd to Sunday the 5th. The timing is much better than 2022’s week before Christmas, and it brings the top-tier bodybuilding contest much closer to its previously traditional month of September.

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