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Aware squeezes in another limited festive flavor on the eve of Christmas

Aware Nutrition Cardamom Whey Protein

Swedish brand Aware Nutrition has come out on the eve of Christmas, and surprised fans with yet another special edition product in addition to the Tropical Christmas flavor of Aware Pre-Workout. The sports nutrition company’s second festive creation is a flavor we’ve never seen before for a protein powder, and it is limited, so if you like the sound of it, get in quickly, or you might miss out.

Aware Nutrition has created a flavor of its 100% Whey protein powder based on the spice cardamom; far beyond the typical chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, or even any of the fruity flavors we’ve seen. The brand has kept the nutrition profile of its Cardamom 100% Whey as lean as its other options at 23g of protein per serving, 1.5g of fat, under 2g of carbohydrates, and 111 calories.

The incredibly unique Cardamom 100% Whey is available directly from Aware Nutrition’s online store at a low 151 kr (14.34 USD), although that is because it only comes in a small 450g tub, which is enough powder for a more trial-size-like 15 servings.