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Big throws in tasty pieces of caramelized peanuts in its newest flavor of Micellar Casein

Big Honey Roasted Peanuts Micellar Casein

Most of this year’s attention on Big Supplements from Spain has been around its authentic flavor collaborations with popular and well-established companies from its part of the world, such as Cacaolat and Kojak. Outside of those partnership products, the brand does still put together intriguing and delicious options, showing that it can deliver some creativity without relying on mainstream names and foods.

Spanish brand Big Supplements has just come out with another non-collaboration flavor extension for one of its many protein powders, in the slow-release and protein-packed Micellar Casein. The flavor is for the special edition version of the product, which sets itself apart by being filled with delicious inclusions. The name of the new taste is Honey Salted Peanut, and it does indeed have pieces of caramelized peanuts.

The nutrition profile on Big Supplements’ Honey Salted Peanut Micellar Casein starts with a solid 20.5g of protein, then 3g of carbohydrates, 2.3g of that sugar, 2.8g of fat, and 117 calories. This is not a limited-time item; as mentioned, it is a permanent entry in the menu of the special edition Micellar Casein, going alongside other mouthwatering creations like Mowgly Chocolate, Crispy Bonbon, and Chocolate Delight.

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