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Authentic Kojak Fiesta flavor expands to two of Big’s other products

Big Kojak Fiesta Glutabig Bandg

Spanish brand Big recently teamed up with the nostalgic candy from its home country, creating a flavor of its creatine supplement Creabig based on the Kojak Fiesta cherry lollipop. This isn’t the first authentic flavor collaboration the sports nutrition company has pumped out; it actually has several others, including a partnership with the 90-year-old Cacaolat for a flavor of protein powder based on its signature chocolate drink.

Big has now taken that presumably popular and well-received Kojak Fiesta cherry lollipop flavor for Creabig, and expanded it across to a couple of other powder products. Starting this week, fans of the brand can enjoy the authentic Kojak Fiesta flavor put together in partnership with the candy itself for Big’s Glutabig, featuring premium Kyowa glutamine and B&G, which is a blend of BCAAs and, once again, Kyowa glutamine.

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