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GN Labs downsizes and renames its cream of rice and promises a finer powder

Gn Labs Rice Pudding

In the UK and Europe, there was a trend going around last year and into a bit of this year, where sports nutrition companies were launching simple and straightforward cream-of-rice supplements. They exclusively featured the quality carbohydrate of rice flour or something similarly named, and it was a trend that German house brand GN Labs got in on with Reis Grieß Pudding, which translates to rice grit pudding.

GN Labs, from retailer Gigas Nutrition, launched Reis Grieß Pudding in a 3kg tub, and this week, it is relaunching the product in a 1kg bag, although the packaging is not all that’s changed. Reis Grieß Pudding now bears an English name with Rice Pudding, and the brand promises an improvement on the inside. GN Labs’ Rice Pudding is said to have a finer powder compared to Reis Grieß Pudding for better preparation and consistency.

There is a loss in cost-effectiveness with GN Labs’ Rice Pudding versus Reis Grieß Pudding, although that’s not surprising since the original had 3kg of powder and the replacement comes in with a third of that at 1kg. The new Rice Pudding is €11.90 (12.65 USD), not the same as the €26.90 for 3kg, but to be fair, it’s too far off, and the tub is a year and a half old.

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