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HTLT is doing one last batch of GO2 Max after the FDA’s announcement regarding NMN

Htlt Discontinuing Go2 Max

The Food and Drug Administration, or the FDA, recently issued a statement putting a stop to the sale of the popular anti-aging and performance-supporting ingredient nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, better known as NMN. The compound can be found in all sorts of supplements from many brands, including Genius Eternal, Morphogen’s Morphovita, and two from Glaxon in the premium Xerion and the simpler NAD Synergy+.

Another popular company that utilizes NMN is Greg Doucette’s Brand Of The Year Nominee, HTLT, in its performance and endurance-focused product GO2 Max. Following that announcement by the FDA regarding the sale of NMN, due to it being under investigation as a drug, HTLT has put an end to its supplement featuring the ingredient and telling fans that the next lot made available through its website is the last batch of GO2 Max.

You can head to now and place your pre-order, although it is quite a bit more expensive than when it debuted earlier this year at $59.99 a bottle instead of $39.99. HTLT does have its usual discounted bulk options available; in fact, it has several bulk bundles for its last round of GO2 Max with three, five, ten, and 25 packs, dropping to $44.99 each for the five bottles or down to $39.99 in the massive 25 count.

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