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Impressively effective Zylaria put in a product all by itself at Efectiv Nutrition

Efectiv Nutrition Zylaria

Zylaria is one of the most exciting new ingredients currently on the market due to its effectiveness and the category it’s built for, as it is extremely rare we see any sort of innovation or evolution in the sleep space. Zylaria has incredible knockout power and provides noticeably better deep sleep, and that is, by itself, not in combination with any longer-running nighttime ingredients out there.

A few sports nutrition brands have already put Zylaria to good use in moderate to advanced sleep supplements, and this week, the UK’s Efectiv Nutrition is giving fans a chance to try it all on its own. The brand has launched a standalone Zylaria product featuring a solid half a gram of the ingredient in each of its 60 capsules, which is enough to play around with different dosages.

Efectiv Nutrition’s straightforward Zylaria can be stacked with other sleep supplements to increase their effectiveness, or as mentioned, it is strong enough to take on its own and see great results. The brand’s standalone Zylaria isn’t all that expensive at £24.99 (31.07 USD), and again, that’s for 60 capsules, which could last 60 nights on a single capsule or 30 if you double to a gram a serving.