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Let’s Get Ready To Rumble keeps the protein at 12g for its first functional product

Lets Get Ready To Rumble Heavyweight Protein Bar

After showing off the product a few months ago, near the end of August, legendary ring announcer Michael Buffer and his brand Let’s Get Ready To Rumble have released their first-ever edible product. For those that missed it, the item previewed in August was the Heavyweight Protein Bar, a protein-packed snack from Let’s Get Ready To Rumble, and something quite different from its only other offering, which is an energy drink.

Anyone interested in giving Michael Buffer and Let’s Get Ready To Rumble’s protein bar a try can head to the website, where you can grab the Heavyweight Protein Bar alongside the Let’s Get Ready To Rumble beverage. The brand gives you two options to purchase; a single box of a dozen protein bars at £19.99 (24.55 USD), or double up and get two boxes with two dozen bars at a slightly more cost-effective £34.99.

The nutrition profile of Let’s Get Ready To Rumble’s Heavyweight Protein Bar starts with a moderate 12g of protein from milk and soy protein, followed by 14g of carbohydrates, under 2g of sugar, 5g of fat, and a relatively light 156 calories. The build of the product and its Chocolate Caramel flavor do sound enjoyable, with a doughy center, crispy pieces, a layer of caramel, milk chocolate around the outside, and caramel crumb on top.