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Image surfaces of an authentic Oreo flavor of the delicious Grenade Protein Bar

Oreo Grenade Protein Bar

When Mondelēz acquired the hit functional food and sports nutrition brand Grenade, it got a lot of attention due to a number of reasons, including the many other brands Mondelēz has under its wing. It is the owner of major snacks and treats like Sour Patch Kids, Chips Ahoy, Toblerone, the reputable chocolate giant Cadbury, and of course, Oreo.

With that in mind, we felt it was only a matter of time before we saw some sort of collaboration between Grenade and one of those Mondelēz properties, and today we have details on exactly that. The UK-based wholesaler Blakemore Fine Foods is now listing an all-new flavor of the Grenade Protein Bar put together in partnership with the legendary Oreo.

The authentic Oreo Grenade Protein Bar is made with real Oreo cookie pieces and still packs the product’s signature nutrition balance led by 21g of protein and only a gram of sugar. There hasn’t been a flavor of the protein bar that we haven’t enjoyed or absolutely loved, so with that success rate, we can only imagine Grenade will hit this out of the park.

We’re not sure when the undoubtedly delicious and extremely promising Oreo Grenade Protein Bar will become available, although again, the wholesaler Blakemore Fine Foods is now listing it on its website, which would suggest it is right around the corner or at least not far away.