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Dedicated hydration beverage coming from RYSE sometime in the New Year

Ryse Fuel Hydration

RYSE has had an absolutely massive year, pumping out some all-new supplements, including the packed-out Pump Daddy, and entering the world of energy drinks with its enjoyable RYSE Fuel. There are already things the brand has in the works for launch sometime next year, and one of those projects has been revealed in yet another on-the-go beverage.

RYSE is currently testing out flavors of a dedicated hydration sports drink similar to the likes of Prime and Applied Nutrition’s Body Fuel. It is referring to the beverage as RYSE Fuel Hydration, so sort of hydration-supporting spin-off to RYSE Fuel. Another interesting point is the brand has yet to get into the increasingly popular hydration supplement space, which we wouldn’t be surprised if the drink did eventually lead to that.

The upcoming RYSE Fuel Hydration, as mentioned, is in testing, so it sounds as though there is still a lot of time before we see it come to market, but we do look forward to seeing the finished product. RYSE knows how to put together a reliably effective supplement and make it taste great, and we don’t see that being any different in Fuel Hydration.