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We Go Home calls on the increasingly popular Zylaria in its sleep aid Zero Dark Thirty

We Go Home Supplements Zero Dark Thirty

The growing apparel brand turned serious sports nutrition competitor, We Go Home Supplements, has unveiled the product it plans on dropping before its first-ever and intriguing new protein powder. Now available for pre-order directly from the brand’s online store at $49.99 for a full-size tub of 30 servings, or in this case, 30 good night’s sleep, is the nighttime supplement Zero Dark Thirty.

We Go Home Supplements has brought its reliably premium approach to the sleep category in Zero Dark Thirty, packing it full of quality ingredients and dosages, including this year’s standout ingredient, Zylaria. Many brands have been reformulating their sleep aids or coming out with a completely new product featuring the truly effective Zylaria, with We Go Home and Zero Dark Thirty being the latest.

We Go Home Supplements Zero Dark Thirty Label

We’ve got the facts panel for We Go Home Supplements’ Zero Dark Thirty in the image above, with a combination of components to get you to sleep, improve your quality of sleep, enhance recovery through the night, and have you waking up feeling refreshed and ready to go. The product comes with premium Shoden ashwagandha at 120mg, half a gram of the recovery-supporting VitaCherry tart cherry, 2.5mg of melatonin, and, as mentioned, a reliable 500mg of Zylaria.

We Go Home Supplements has not disappointed with any of the formulas it’s put together for the select few categories it has decided to take on, and Zero Dark Thirty is no different. Looking at it on paper, it should have no trouble delivering on its promised benefits of better sleep and overnight recovery, and it comes in flavored powder format with the one option on its menu in Black Cherry.