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More packed-out pre-workout from Halloween is returning for Aware’s birthday

Aware Pwo Birthday Edition 2023

While Aware Nutrition has always put together supplements for popular categories and relied on common ingredients, it does tend to mix things up on the flavor side. Another interesting feature from the Swedish brand came around Halloween last year, where not only did it do a limited edition flavor of its pre-workout Aware PWO, it made a few changes to the formula to offer a different but still strong and intense experience.

This coming Thursday is Aware Nutrition’s birthday, and to celebrate, it is bringing back that alternative, special edition version of Aware PWO as a limited 2023 anniversary product. It sounds as though the brand will be using the same formula as it did for Halloween, although it has changed the look of the product, swapping the Halloween design for something more fitting, and it’s kept that original Sour Strawberry flavor.

For those that want a quick refresher on what Aware Nutrition put in the Halloween Edition of Aware PWO, you got a solid 8g of citrulline for pumps, 3.5g of beta-alanine, focus-driving 2g of tyrosine and 750mg of choline, 400mg of theanine, and 300mg of caffeine. Again, that formula seems to be returning this Thursday, but as an anniversary edition of Aware PWO to celebrate an impressive four years in the industry.