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Functional innovator Finaflex acquires reputable sports nutrition brand Purus Labs

Finaflex Acquires Purus Labs

Two long-running sports nutrition giants, Finaflex and Purus Labs, have made a huge announcement, and it doesn’t involve any specific supplement or product. Finaflex, known for items like its pre-workout Stimul8 and the delicious Oatmeal Protein Pie, and Purus Labs, known for the supplements Noxygen and the classic Muscle Marinade, have joined forces by one acquiring the other.

Finaflex, which has made quite a bit of noise over the past few years with innovative functional foods such as the MoonPie collaboration Power Pie and the aforementioned Oatmeal Protein Pie, has acquired Purus Labs. It basically brings the two well-known sports nutrition brands under one roof for joint opportunities and growth, in a similar sort of way to Nutrabio acquiring EndurElite early last year.

From a fans’ perspective, the two brands will still exist separately, continuing their respective focuses and approaches to the industry; they’re simply both owned by Finfaflex. The current CEO and president of Purus Labs, Shawn Moe, will continue as the CEO of the sports nutrition company, which should keep the vision and direction of the brand familiar and consistent.

It is a colossal partnership; as mentioned, Purus Labs and Finaflex have been in the industry for quite some time and have managed to maintain their presence and reputation throughout the years. Following Finaflex acquiring Purus Labs, the brands have said they have some promising products planned for this year and rebrands, giving fans from both sides something to look forward to.