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Authentic Jelly Belly flavors continue at Myprotein into Vegan Protein Blend

Jelly Belly Strawberry Cheesecake Vegan Protein Blend

Myprotein has built out its partnership with the classic jelly bean brand Jelly Belly quite well, doing much more than just a single authentic flavor here and there. The international brand did Jelly Belly Very Cherry and Bubblegum for its Energy BCAA beverage, the likes of Jelly Belly Toasted Marshmallow and Buttered Popcorn for Impact Whey Protein, and several for Clear Whey Isolate such as Jelly Belly Berry Blue and Sizzling Cinnamon.

The collaboration between Myprotein and Jelly Belly continues to expand this week, although this time, fans are being treated to flavors for Myprotein’s vegan-friendly brand Myvegan. Launching this week for the plant protein powder Vegan Protein Blend, providing 21g of protein per serving from pea and fava bean isolate, are the authentic Jelly Belly flavors Strawberry Cheesecake and Top Banana, inspired by the jelly beans of the same names.

Both Myprotein’s Jelly Belly Strawberry Cheesecake and Top Banana flavors of Vegan Protein Blend will be limited edition items, and be available in a large 1kg bag as well as a single serving sample. The bulk option will carry a price tag of £31.99 (37.91 USD), while the slightly less cost-effective sample sachet will be £1.99 (2.36 USD) for those that want to try either or both of the authentic flavor collaborations before investing in a bag.

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