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Dynamic section added to see the most voted posts from the past few days

Most Voted Posts Section

Over the weekend, we began testing a feature we’d wanted to implement for a while, referred to as post voting, where readers could upvote or downvote a post. Basically, what that means is on any page on our website where there is a list of posts, you’ll see arrows in the bottom right of each of them, one point up to upvote or give it a thumbs up, and one pointing down for the opposite sentiment.

After seeing first hand the feature put to good use and enjoyed over the weekend by several people, we’ve refreshed its appearance and worked it into a separate section. On the home page, you can scroll down to see a “Most Voted Posts” area, where the posts with the highest number of votes from the past few days will be placed, showing their main image, a bit of their headline, and a link to read.

That section is dynamic so that the minute a post within that amount of time gets a higher amount of votes than one that’s in there; it’ll knock one out and move in. With tens and thousands of visitors and well over 50 stores shared each week, that section will likely chop and change fairly frequently. We encourage everyone to interact, upvote things you like and support, and downvote those you don’t.

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