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Myprotein themes a shaker around the year of the rabbit for Chinese New Year

Myprotein Chinese New Year Shaker Bottle

It is indeed Chinese New Year, and many sports nutrition brands are celebrating with something special, including the likes of Boba Tea Protein and Far East Alchemy. International giant Myprotein has put together a limited edition item for Chinese New Year; although while those two brands came out with a supplement, Myprotein’s effort is not quite as complicated, but great to see nonetheless with an accessory.

To join in on the celebration of Chinese New Year, Myprotein has produced a special edition shaker featuring a classic 600ml capacity and a design fit for the occasion. The brand has, of course, colored the bottle red and gold, with the shaker being red then there is a print of a rabbit, for the year of the rabbit, in gold. The accessory won’t cost too much to add to your cart at only £6 through Myprotein’s primary online store.

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