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Mystery black-colored flavor up next for No Sugar Co’s Joyburst energy drink

No Sugar Company Mystery Seventh Flavor Of Joyburst

Since the debut of No Sugar Company’s zero-sugar energy drink Joyburst, it has expanded the product’s menu on one occasion, although it was quite a special addition. The beverage itself packs a moderate 200mg of caffeine for anytime energy, and not only does it have no sugar, but has no carbohydrates, fat, or calories, and currently has six tastes to choose from, including the self-titled Vanilla Ice collaboration.

The team at No Sugar Company is gearing up to add its first new flavor since Vanilla Ice from the middle of last year and its second flavor extension overall for the Joyburst energy drink. There are no clues or additional bits of information; all we have to go off for the upcoming option is the sneak peek in the image above, showing a mostly black can design with a pink or red circular graphic in the background.

We’re not confident in any sort of guess at what No Sugar Company has cooked up for its clean and energizing Joyburst beverage, especially since its current menu is filled with non-traditional tastes like Frosé Rose, Elderberry, and the aforementioned Vanilla Ice. We look forward to finding out what the mystery taste is, and it will continue that original formula of zero sugar, no calories, and an uplifting 200mg of caffeine.