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Black Cherry expands Vintage Build’s menu alongside Old School’s New Year’s sale

Old School Labs Black Cherry Vintage Build

Old School Labs is welcoming in the New Year with a sale exclusively in its Amazon store, where you can save up to 35% on its wide selection of sports nutrition supplements. The celebration doesn’t end there, as in combination with that promotion, the golden era bodybuilding brand has released another flavor of its top-selling, creatine-based muscle builder, Vintage Build.

Old School Labs’ Vintage Build is a reasonably straightforward but reliable blend of ingredients, including 3g of tried and true creatine monohydrate, 5g of the all-important BCAAs, and 2g of glutamine. Up until this week, it came in Juicy Watermelon, Fresh Berries, Lemon Lime, and Unflavored options; now, there is a third actual taste to choose from with a sweet Black Cherry.

The sale on Amazon currently gets you 5% off Vintage Build, dropping it from its usual $34.99 to $33.24; however, the discount does not appear to be an option for the newly released Black Cherry Vintage Build, only the other four, Juicy Watermelon, Fresh Berries, Lemon Lime, and Unflavored.