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Costco gets an exclusive and of course cost-effective flavor of Orgain’s Organic Protein

Orgain Peanut Butter Cup Organic Protein

Protein brand Orgain, and its extensive selection of products in formats from traditional protein powder to an on-the-go beverage specifically for kids, has dropped a new flavor, although you won’t find this one on its website. The extension is for the brand’s signature vegan-friendly protein powder Organic Protein, combining pea, brown rice, and chia seed protein for a respectable 21g of protein per serving and around 150 calories.

The new flavor Orgain has put together for Organic Protein is Peanut Butter Cup, and not only is it a different flavor, but the brand has also dressed it in an alternative design featuring a red background and a spree of chocolate peanut butter cups. It is backed by those same plant-based sources mentioned above, with 21g of protein in each of its 27 servings, only a gram of sugar, 5g of prebiotic fiber, and a calorie count of 150.

As highlighted earlier, Orgain’s Peanut Butter Cup Organic Protein is not available everywhere; it is, in fact, exclusive to the membership retailer Costco. The price of the product is $23.99, which is far cheaper than the $33.99 the brand’s website sells the largest size of Organic Protein for in a 2lber with 20 servings.

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