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Peanut Butter makes it a menu for the recently released Wicked Protein Cookie

Peanut Butter Wicked Protein Cookie

Protein specialist Wicked Protein dropped its third-ever functional food in November, where its original and refrigerated protein bars were joined by the Wicked Protein Cookie. The nutrition profile of the product isn’t as lean as your typical bar format snack, but it’s well within reason, packing 13g of protein from a blend of whey and collagen, 24g of carbohydrates, 3g of that sugar, 8g of fat, and a manageable 200 calories.

Wicked Protein did go reasonably minimal on the menu side of its Wicked Protein Cookie, launching the product in only one flavor, and it was your classic cookie taste, Chocolate Chip. About two months on from the initial rollout of the brand’s protein-enhanced cookie, a much-needed second member has joined the family, where Chocolate Chip now sits alongside a smooth Peanut Butter option filled with sweet peanut butter chips.

The macros on the Peanut Butter Wicked Protein Cookie aren’t too far off Chocolate Chip at 13g of protein, 24g of carbohydrates with 6g of that sugar and 2g fiber, 9g of fat, and 220 calories. The product is in stock on the brand’s website with a few purchase options in a pack of six at $2.49 each, $2.33 a cookie if you grab a dozen, and the most cost-effective way to go is a bulk bundle of 36 for $2.22 per Wicked Protein Cookie.