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Three mysterious and alternatively branded supplements up next from Project #1

Project Number One Upcoming Supplements

Project #1 Nutrition was one of our nominees for Newcomer Of The Year in 2022, due to its debut lineup of sports nutrition supplements, including the likes of the fat burner Embrax, pump-powering AMP-NOX, and the stimulant pre-workout Quantum-X. Shortly after that launch, the brand rolled out two more products to cover two more mainstream categories in the protein powder Whey Protein and amino cocktail Amino EV.

The still relatively young and new Project #1 Nutrition is getting ready to release three more supplements, although to keep things exciting, it is not letting fans know what any of them are. You can see the picture the brand has shared above, where you get three products, all in white tubs, not Project #1’s usual black, and they are separate supplements, as they each have drastically different weights at 540g, 270g, and 198g.

Typically when a brand does a set or series of products in a different color, like white instead of black or black instead of white, and so on, we suspect some sort of basic or essential line. However, Project #1 Nutrition already has a standalone creatine with the same branding as the rest of its supplements. Based on that, we’re guessing it’s something else, potentially a separate line of products focused on health and wellness.

Regardless of whether we’re close or not with our guess, we should be getting more information on the mystery supplements shortly, as Project #1 Nutrition did move pretty quickly with details and availability of its last couple of releases, Whey Protein and Amino EV.

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