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Sizeable 750g tub of PVL’s 100% Pure Creatine on its way to Popeye’s in Canada

Pvl Pure Creatine Popeyes Exclusive

It’s common for sports nutrition brands in Canada to put together exclusive products for the giant supplement retailer Popeye’s, typically in the form of an alternative size. To go with its recent refresh and rebrand, legacy brand PVL has put together just that; a special edition size of one of its already available products that fans and followers will only be able to find and purchase at Popeye’s.

At the moment, PVL’s straightforward, standalone creatine monohydrate, 100% Pure Creatine, comes in two sizes, a reasonably common 300g tub with 60 servings and a significantly larger 1kg tub with 200 servings. Coming soon to Popeye’s and its many stores across Canada is an option that sits somewhere in between all of that in a 750g jug, which at 5g a serving, works out to 150 servings.

We’re not sure of the price of PVL’s Popeye’s-exclusive 750g tub of 100% Pure Creatine, but at a guess, it’ll likely be better value than the 300g and not quite as cost-effective as the giant 1kg. According to the brand, the supplement has already begun shipping to Popeye’s stores, meaning those in the region that regularly visit a store can expect to see the bulk product on shelves shortly.

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