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Standalone longjack capsules arriving at Savage Line in the first week of February

Savageline Labs Tongkat Ali

Savage Line Labs in Canada is adding a fresh new single-ingredient supplement to its selection within the next few weeks, which is something it has a couple of already on the market. Those simpler items from the brand include Savage Creatine, featuring a scalable 750mg of creatine HCl per serving for muscle strength and size, and Deer Antler Extract, featuring, of course, the ingredient right in its name.

Due to join the family in the first week of February is Savage Tongkat Ali, and it is indeed all about tongkat ali, an ingredient more commonly known as longjack, and typically found in testosterone boosters and muscle builders. Savage Line Labs has included longjack at 500mg a capsule in its latest supplement, giving you a gram a day when taken as directed, and it’ll last you a typical month with 60 pills a bottle.

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