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GAAM Energy’s intriguing new So Soda flavor described as fresh and fruity

So Soda Gaam Energy Drink

Proteinbolaget’s house brand GAAM Nutrition is more than familiar with adding creative, different, and special edition flavors to the menu of its functional beverage, GAAM Energy. We saw it do precisely that twice in the last couple of months with a Blackcurrants flavor for Black Friday, then shortly after, for the holidays, it brought back its classic Christmas taste, Julmust GAAM Energy.

With only two weeks into the year, Proteinbolaget and GAAM Nutrition have dropped their first new flavor of the tasty, caffeinated, and practically no-calorie energy drink with the intriguing So Soda GAAM Energy. The name of the flavor clearly doesn’t tell you much about its taste, and the brand hasn’t said a whole lot either, only that it’s a refreshing fruity recipe and nothing else.

Fans of GAAM Nutrition and its ever-expanding beverage can purchase the new So Soda GAAM Energy straight from Proteinbolaget in its usual, many options of single cans, cases of 24, a bulk bundle of 48, and the extremely cost-effective 96 pack. Like all of the other flavors, So Soda comes with vitamins, minerals, a moderate 180mg of caffeine for energy, no sugar, and only one calorie.