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Easter flavor Påskmust is back for GAAM Nutrition’s popular energy drink

2023 Edition Paskmust Gaam Energy Drink

Julmust is a popular and somewhat celebratory malt-style soda that comes to market every year around Christmas in Sweden, with a separate version available around Easter called Påskmust. From what we understand, it is the same sort of drink during Christmas and Easter, and to get in on the celebration, Swedish supplement brand GAAM Nutrition releases its own Julmust and Påskmust for the GAAM Energy drink.

With Easter not too far away, in a little less than two months, GAAM Nutrition has brought back its limited Påskmust flavor of the GAAM Energy drink, featuring the same can design as last year and the year before that. It also has that same traditional taste, or at least the brand’s take on it, and the usual GAAM Energy highlights of no sugar, one calorie a can, a variety of vitamins, and an energizing 180mg of caffeine.

GAAM Nutrition is a house brand of the Swedish sports nutrition retailer Proteinbolaget, which is where you can now purchase the returning Påskmust GAAM Energy drink. As per usual, the store has several options for the beverage, including a single can, a case of 24, and massive variety trays of 24, 48, and 96 cans, where you get to pick the flavors in lots of six.