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Elev Global continues to expand with two standalone beta-alanine products

Elev Global Beta Alanine Supplements

Elev Global has been on a bit of a release spree as of late, introducing several new supplements to its audience, including three pre-workouts, two of those stimulant-powered, and two weight loss products. The news continues to roll in from the brand this week as we have details on another two items joining the growing Elev Global family; however, these are significantly simpler than any of the pre-workouts and fat burners.

The latest information from Elev Global is in regards to two completely new standalone supplements, both relying on the same endurance and performance-supporting ingredient. The products are Beta Pro and Beta-Alanine Extreme, but again, while their names are strong, they’re straightforward products. Beta Pro has 3.2g of beta-alanine in each of its 30, four capsule servings, and Beta-Alanine Extreme has 75 servings providing 4g each, although in unflavored powder format, not capsules.

Elev Global’s Beta Pro and Beta-Alanine Extreme simply give fans the ability to add beta-alanine to their daily or workout supplement stack, and in their choice of pills or powder. We’re not sure how different they are in price, usually though powder is the more cost-effective way to go, and that seems to be the case here as you get more servings in Beta-Alanine Extreme at 75 versus 30, and with a higher dose of beta-alanine.