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FitBakes goes from snacks to tortilla wraps that have only a gram of net carbohydrates

Fitbakes Low Calorie Tortilla Wraps

FitBakes in the UK makes one of the softest and most delicious low-calorie treats you’ll come across, although it doesn’t have the heightened level of protein we prefer in our functional foods. We are talking about the brand’s signature, self-titled FitBakes cakes, available in a wide variety of flavors, and there is another on-the-go snack out there from the brand in FitBakes Crunch, a crispy and crunchy low-calorie bar.

FitBakes has clearly remained in the world of on-the-go foods, although that’s not the case in its latest release, which is also only its third-ever product. The brand has introduced FitBakes Tortilla Wraps, which is the same sort of approach seen in its snacks, but in a tortilla wrap. The functional item comes in bags of six 40g wraps, each providing 9g of protein, 5g of fat, a gram of net carbohydrates, and 123 calories.

It’s an extremely interesting addition to the FitBakes catalog, as mentioned, the brand has stuck to low-calorie on-the-go items for as long as we’ve known it, and now it has Tortilla Wraps. The nutrition on the product is impressive nonetheless, and the price for a bag of six wraps is very reasonable, coming in at £7.99 (9.72 USD) with free shipping on orders that go beyond £24.

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