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GAAM directs fans to double up for the strongest performance in its MandyFit collaboration

Gaam Nutrition Double Serving Gaam Pwo

Yesterday we shared details on GAAM Nutrition’s first-ever ambassador collaboration, where it teamed up with Swedish influencer MandyFit to create the pre-workout GAAM PWO. It’s worth noting this is not a special edition version of an already available supplement, nor is it a flavor extension; GAAM PWO is a completely new product that has been put together entirely with and for MandyFit.

After putting the spotlight on the collaboration, we got a bit of information that is well worth sharing, as typically, when a supplement list dosages for a serving on a label or section of a website, that’s the maximum amount recommended. It’s been confirmed to us that GAAM Nutrition and MandyFit’s single serving of GAAM PWO is enough to have an effect, although if you want more, you can double it.

The maximum amount recommended for GAAM PWO is two servings, and that certainly ramps things up for the pre-workout from GAAM Nutrition and MandyFit, pushing up to 5g of citrulline malate, 4g of beta-alanine, 1.5g of acetyl-l-carnitine, and a strong 300mg of caffeine for energy. The approach obviously doubles all of the dosages and gives GAAM PWO an alternative, more intense experience.

Throwing down two servings will see you go through GAAM Nutrition’s collaboration with MandyFit twice as fast, although if you want the strongest and most effective performance GAAM PWO has to offer, it’s the price you’ll have to pay.

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