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Gaspari is developing a pre-workout tailored specifically for its fans in Japan

Gaspari Nutrition Japan Exclusive Pre Workout

Gaspari Nutrition has a strong and popular presence in Japan, primarily thanks to the distributor and reseller Suplinx, which stocks several premium sports nutrition brands in that part of the world. We’ve seen the partnership between Gaspari and Suplinx develop substantially through the years, to the extent that it’s released special edition flavor collaborations with Hidetada Yamagishi exclusively for Japan.

This year, Gaspari Nutrition is going one step further, and to go with its various flavors only available through Suplinx, it is putting together a pre-workout tailored for its growing Japanese fanbase. There is no name confirmed yet, so we’re not sure if it’ll be a version of SuperPump or something else entirely, but the brand promises better focus and muscle pumps, enhanced recovery, and a moderate level of stimulants.

A Japan-exclusive flavor is certainly great for fans in the country, but an exclusive supplement is even better, showing that Gaspari Nutrition has found great success in the region and it’s not afraid to give back to the audience. There hasn’t been any mention of a timeframe for when the product will be completely revealed or released, only that it’s coming, although we’ll be sure to share more information as it comes in.