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Romania’s Genius Nutrition further expands its family of Warcry drinks into protein

Genius Nutrition Warcry Protein

Warcry is a name the European brand Genius Nutrition uses for many different products, although it did originally start as the title of its stimulant pre-workout. It has since expanded into many different beverages including a Warcry energy drink, the more advanced Warcry Pre-Workout beverage, a BCAA Warcry drink, and this week Genius is welcoming another canned product in Warcry Protein.

Warcry Protein is Genius Nutrition’s clear and refreshing protein shake in a can, and like most clear protein supplements, it doesn’t come in any traditional milkshake flavors like chocolate and vanilla. The beverage has debuted in a lone Jungle Mango option, pairing a sparkling fruity taste of mango with a lean 13g of protein, all from high-quality whey, practically no sugar, low carbohydrates, and zero fat.

As mentioned, Genius Nutrition has grown Warcry into a complete collection of products, many of them beverages, and Warcry Protein is simply another diverse entry into that family. The functional drink is out and available now in the brand’s home country of Romania as well as many other countries across Europe, and again, it has only one flavor to choose from at the moment in Jungle Mango.