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Glaxon infuses its upcoming isolate-powered Protos protein powder with Chromax

Glaxon Protos Isolate

To close out 2021, Glaxon made the major move of getting into the highly competitive and extremely saturated market of protein powder with two supplements, Protos Whey and Protos Vegan. Being the brand that it is, those products weren’t your typical whey-based or vegan-friendly protein powders; Glaxon infused the supplements with high-powered premium components to make them far more than your average competitor.

Glaxon is currently getting ready to actually expand on its Protos family of protein powders, with Protos Whey and Protos Vegan to be joined by a whey isolate-driven entry in Protos Isolate. While it will bear the “Protos” name, the upcoming product won’t have the lengthy list of the extras you get in the other two, but it’s still not your typical whey isolate, with added MCTs and premium Chromax chromium which is backed by a huge 16 clinical studies and known for its ability to support insulin function.

Whey isolate is indeed the one and only source of protein in Glaxon’s Protos Isolate, and it’s transparently included where the label lists 29g of the raw ingredient to provide 25g of protein alongside a gram of fat, 4g of carbohydrates, no sugar, and 130 calories. The third Proto series supplement will be making its debut shortly by the sounds of things, in Salted Caramel and Strawberry Shortcake flavors in tubs of 14 servings.