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Legit expands its lineup with another standalone supplement featuring longjack

Legit Tongkat Ali

Legit is not all that old in the sports nutrition industry, hitting the market in Australia not that long ago with three supplements, and it has since further filled out its lineup, expanding into other popular categories. In 2022 we saw the growing newcomer introduce its stimulant-powered fat burner Legit Melt and its testosterone booster, simply named Test Booster, and now it’s returned to the common standalone route.

There was already a single-ingredient supplement available from Legit with Turkesterone, featuring the muscle-building component in the title at its usual half a gram per serving. Now available in Australia is something that can be stacked with Turkesterone as well as Test Booster for a similar goal. Legit has produced a basic longjack product named Tongkat Ali, the other name for longjack, to support healthy testosterone.

We don’t know the dose of the main ingredient in Legit’s Tongkat Ali, although looking at its other supplements, including Turkesterone, it tends to utilize respectable amounts, so we’re guessing around the usual 400 to 600mg a serving. According to the brand, the product is not available yet but is coming soon, so fans can probably expect to see it showing up in stores and on shelves in Australia shortly.

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