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Life Pro continues to grow its family of flavors for its low-calorie sauce

Life Pro More Sauzero Sauce

It was only a couple of weeks ago we shared a story from Spanish brand Life Pro Nutrition, where it introduced a bunch of new flavors for its no-sugar, low-calorie sauce SauZero. The brand welcomed another three tastes to the product’s menu in Dulce de Leche, White Chocolate and Coffee Toffee, and now it’s back with even more developments for SauZero, expanding it to an impressive 20-plus different options.

Life Pro Nutrition’s many new flavor extensions for its no-sugar, low-calorie SauZero include classic sauces, Mayonnaise, Cocktail, Balsamic, Truffle Mayonnaise, Sweet Chili, Sweet and Sour, and Yogurt. There are also two spin-offs that turn the original BBQ into a sub or separate flavor series with BBQ Sweet Honey and BBQ Spicy, and they all stay within the product’s realm of no sugar and low five calories a serving.

It’s certainly been amazing to watch Life Pro Nutrition go from nine to over 20 flavors for its better-for-you sauce, which we’re guessing is due to the success of the not-even half-a-year-old product. As always, the place to go to get the latest from the Spanish brand is its online store, where you’ll pay €3.80 (4.09 USD) for a 310ml bottle of SauZero in any of the many different flavors.