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Fans of Myoband now have a mix that can be turned into high-protein pancakes

Myoband High Protein Pancakes

Myoband in the UK started the year with a handful of very intriguing products, none of which we saw coming. There were two sparkling canned protein beverages in Red Berries Protein Juice and the crystal clear protein cola RESQ, and the collaboration, Protein Hot Chocolate. The theme continues into this month, with the brand coming out with another item that’s not a typical sports nutrition supplement.

Myoband has dropped High Protein Pancakes, which is not quite as unique as those earlier products, especially the cans of protein, but it is uncommon. The supplement is a powder for you to combine with water and turn into a tasty pancake batter to cook on a pan. The macros are high in carbohydrates compared to a traditional protein powder at 15.8g a serving with 22g of protein, 2.9g of fat, and 178 calories.

High Protein Pancakes have hit the market in three flavors, none of them anything traditional like buttermilk or maple in the unflavored option Original, Cookies, and a fruity Banana. Fans can grab the product straight from the brand’s website at a reasonable £6.99 (8.42 USD) for a 500g bag, and that is enough powder to get ten servings, each providing that somewhat balanced nutrition profile mentioned.

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